Hi, there!

I'm Audrey. I am a completely and utterly hopeless romantic with a profound love of books, animals, food, wine, and travel. And laughter. Always laughter.

My proclivity for travel was spurred at a young age. My father is from Ireland, my mother is from Michigan, and they raised our family in New England. Having family to visit all over the country and all over the world allowed me appreciate the fact that there was so much out there early on.

Since I left home for college when I was 17, I've had a hard time sitting still. In my 28 years I've lived in Connecticut, Rhode Island, Michigan, Arizona, and California. And now I'm about to live on a boat, in no particular place at all. I am so excited.

My main role on this trip is to be the navigator. Since I'm the one that needed to travel, I'll be picking out our destinations (be them country, island, marina, or mooring!) along the way. I'll also be the main documenter of our trip; I have hopes to cover it all with pictures, videos, and blog posts.

It might seem completely insane that I'm leaving behind my promising marketing career and stable lifestyle. I get that. But life is short, and I've had this pull on my heart to travel for some time now. And, well, I've always been a little bit crazy.