California Wine Country

My two worlds—the old and the new—collided this past February when Lauren and Amelia, two of my oldest friends, came to visit me in San Francisco. They're the first of my childhood friends to make the trip (hint, hint to the rest of you), and I was beyond thrilled to spend time in their company and show them the best of what Northern California has to offer.

Naturally, we spent our first full day in wine country. We made three stops at Buena Vista, Domaine Carneros, and Artesa. All three are completely different: Buena Vista has an old-world charm, Domaine Carneros is just plain fancy, and Artesa is edgy with its modern tasting room nestled against the backdrop of sweeping views. We had fantastic weather, which the two east coasters were more than happy to soak up, and possibly consumed too much wine (I kid). It was a wonderful day and set the tone for a great week with two of my favorite people. Pictures from our stops are below!

Domaine Carneros