Fort Baker

Nestled in the northern hills of the Golden Gate Bridge lies Fort Baker, a small slice of historical land that wraps around the San Francisco Bay. It is quaint, peaceful, and a refreshing break from San Francisco, a city that can both accost and delight all of your senses at once.

It took me two years to make it over and down under the bridge to Fort Baker, and when I arrived, I felt like I had stepped back in time. A big, green patch of a field, empty but for a few families flying kites, stretched out in front matching red-roofed white houses down to the water. Rocking chairs lined the long porch of Cavallo Point Lodge, filled with couples drinking wine and eating dinner. Sailboat masts rocked back and forth with the soft waves in the distance. It was like we were in Pleasantville.

Closer to the water lies the Presidio Yacht Club and Travis Marina Bar, which is now our favorite drinking hole in the Bay Area. If you want good beer, great views of the Golden Gate, and a space uncrowded by city hipsters, go there.

If you're in San Francisco and looking for an easy getaway, head to Fort Baker. Drive, sail, or bike over the Golden Gate, explore the grounds, and stop for a drink at Travis Marina Bar. You won't regret it.

Cavallo Point
Travis Marina Bar, Fort Baker, Sausalito