Sommerfest at the Mill Valley Tourist Club

We trekked through the blustering fog in the hills of Mill Valley, pulling our sweaters close and keeping our eyes down, one foot in front of the other on the dusty trail.

It was the middle of July, but might as well have been October.

As the fog cleared, so did our path. And then we made it. Our destination, the Nature Friends Tourist Club, was just a few short steps away.

Established in Austria in 1895 to bring families and nature together, Naturefriends has over 600,000 members globally. The Mill Valley chapter opens their doors to the public three times a year, for Mayfest, Sommerfest, and Kinderfest. We visited the club lodge for Sommerfest, and felt instantly transported back in time. 

I'd liken Sommerfest to what I expect of Oktoberfest in Munich. Women dressed in dirndls, men donning lederhosen. Steins of beer swinging to the music. Pretzels and bratwurst being passed around. Live music. Dancing. Merriment all around. I captured what I could in the photos below.

Keep your eyes on the Tourist Club's site and like their Facebook page for upcoming public events. It's definitely worth visiting when you can!

Mill Valley Tourist Club
Mill Valley Tourist Club