Sailing Baja California Sur: Part II

The Puerto Los Cabos marina in San José del Cabo was beautiful. It's fairly new and extremely well-kept, with lush landscaping, bathrooms with warm water (a wonderful thing), and friendly, honest staff. A bicycle and walking path weave throughout, creating easy access to amenities like the open-air restaurant and bar, luxurious Hotel El Ganzo, dolphin swimming, and more. Eleven bronze sculptures by Jose Luis Cuevas are scattered along the path, eerie, beautiful, and daunting. All in all, this marina was pretty amazing.

We kicked off New Year's Day with margaritas at the bar and then headed out to the beach. The beach was gorgeous and almost empty, a real treat. When we ventured back to the boat, we veered off path and discovered — of all things — camels. There were four in a fenced-in paddock, and one was particularly curious. It was a little sad, to be honest, seeing these odd beings locked up so far from home, but it was a cool experience to play around with them nonetheless. Pictures from the day are below!