Sailing Baja California Sur: Part I

Garrett and I flew from Christmas holiday in Chicago to Cabo San Lucas to visit our friend Nick. Nick, captain of Wedimynd, is wintering in Mexico before crossing the Pacific this spring. We were joined by his girlfriend, Lacy, who is joining him to spend the better part of January sailing around Mexico. Garrett and I traveled along with them for five short days, starting in Cabo San Lucas and ending in San José del Cabo.

Cabo San Lucas, in a word, was chaotic. It felt somewhat purgatorial, a space caught between development and deconstruction. The mammoth bones of abandoned buildings that littered the landscape were juxtaposed with a vivacious community, which made for a both awe-inspiring and exhausting environment. 

We spent only 48 hours in Cabo which, for me, was enough. On New Year's Eve, we readied Wedimynd for open waters and set sail (well, motored; the wind decided not to show up) to San José del Cabo. The trip took about three and a half hours. It was easy-going, filled with glimpses of stingrays, catching Bonita with a hand line, singing off-key to guitar strumming, all the while being flanked by the rugged coast of Baja California Sur.

Arriving at the Puerto Los Cabos marina was one of my favorite memories of the trip; it so contrasted the hustle and bustle of Cabo San Lucas with its empty, palm tree-lined beach, and quiet, still waters.

The below photos were taken in and around Cabo San Lucas, during our sail along the coast, and arriving into Puerto Los Cabos.

Cabo San Lucas
Cabo San Lucas

Next up, Sailing Baja California Sur: Part II.

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